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Safety valves 3061-3065
Safety Valves 3061-3065

Thye safety valves series 3061 and 3065 are safety devices according to the definition given in Article 1, Point 2.1.3, 2nd dash of 97/23/EC Directive and are the subject of Article 3, Point 1.4) of aforesaid Directive. The valves above mentioned are direct-loaded type, unbalanced, conveyed discharge. Valve opening is produced by the thrust the fluid under pressure exerts on the disc, when said thrust exceeds, under setting conditions, the opposing force of the spring acting on the disc. The safety valves series 3061 and 3065 are manufactured in accordance with European standard EN ISO 4126-1: 2013, relative either to the design / construction of the valves or to the functional characteristics of the same.