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XWEB300D EVO: Alarm Management and Controlling Web Server
Monitoring System

It is extremely well suited for 6 or 18 device installations such as petrol stations, mini-market, small storage centres. XWEB300D EVO is the ideal solution for the remote assistance to the plant. Connection from PC is made simply using standard web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Firefox®); the information is displayed as web pages.

The web server checks the unit and, in case of malfunction alarm, it notifies the assistance center through FAX, SMS or e-mail.

Thanks to LAN port, the connection (also via internet) to the XWEB300D is easy and safe and no special software is required. It is possible to see all the variables of a controller and to manage of all parameters and alarms. With Java Applet it is possible to generate comprehensive visual graphs.

XWEB500D and XWEB500 EVO: Controlling And Monitoring Web Server
Monitoring System

They are the ideal solution for medium installations up to 20, 36, 50 or 100 devices, such as petrol stations, supermarkets or storage centers. Their innovative and useful features make the instrument suitable for medium-large applications such as production and storage goods centers. Thanks to the two available formats, they can be installed whether on DIN Rail or wall or panel mounting, but can also be used as desk instrument. Connection from PC is made simply using standard web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Firefox®); the information is displayed as web pages.

Both intranet/internet remote connection and modem connection are available via RJ45 ethernet port or via RS232 serial port. Alarm signalling is very flexible and can be done through Fax, e-mail, SMS and also via relay output.

XWEB5000 EVO: Controlling And Supervising Web Server
Monitoring System

XWEB5000 EVO is provided with a powerful supervisor engine suited for larger installations (with up to 494 devices) in the refrigeration, conditioning and building automation field, where it is necessary to program several different interactive actions that the controller has to perform. It is extremely well suited to hypermarkets, large storage and distribution centers, as well as production and storage goods processing and it is ideal for customer service centers. The system manages the alarm transmission to the "in charge" service (via FAX, e-mail, SMS and also through relay outputs). No PC is necessary using direct connection of a monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Thanks to the special CRO algorithm (Compressor Rack Optimization) an innovative suction pressure management of compressor rack is performed. Furthermore the systems can manage the dew point for anti-sweat heater control.
SUPERVISION: With XWEB5000 EVO it is possible to intervene sending commands to monitored units with algorithm made by the installer. He can quickly and easily create supervision "Projects" by programming links between the input variables (inputs, status and outputs of a controller) and defining what actions the system must take when these conditions are met; several projects can run simultaneously.

Relay And Acquisition Modules
Monitoring System

1. Four relay output modules, managed by monitoring system (XJR)
2. Digital inputs for local enable/disable of relays or alarm and status monitoring (XJR)
3. Data acquisition modules suitable for collecting data from any kind of installation (XJP)
4. Up to six inputs for NTC, PTC, 4÷20mA and 0÷10V and three digital inputs or four Pt100 inputs and four digital inputs (XJP)
5. Up to 10 line voltage inputs (XJA)
6. Direct line power supply 230 (110)Vac. No external transformer required
7. Remote display option
8. Standard communication protocol ModBUS-RTU
9. Hot Key or Prog tool kit connector for a quick and easy programming
10. 6VA max power absorption