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Hermetic Filters
Filters Drier

The filters, shown in this leaflet, are designed for installation on commercial refrigerating systems and on civil and industrial conditioning plants. Filters series DF2 and series DF3 have been developed for specific installations on refrigerating systems using HFC refrigerant fluids, particularly R134a , R404A , R407C , R410A and R507 mixed with POE lubricants. In spite of this, the new block may be successfully used also in refrigerating systems using the old CFC or HCFC refrigerant fluids, mixed with mineral lubricants.

Filters for refrigerating fluids and liquid/humidity indicators
Filters Drier

Filters and liquid/humidity indicators are designed for installation on commercial refrigeration systems and civil and industrial air conditioning systems employing Group II refrigerants.
Filter driers are available in a hermetically sealed version or with a solid exchangeable cartridge.
Hermetically sealed filters are supplied in the standard drier version, series 43, anti-acid series 42, bi-directional flow series 46, with indicator series 41 and mechanical series 45.
Filters with a solid exchangeable cartridge are available in packages of 1 to 4 standard drier, anti-acid or mechanical cartridges.
Liquid/humidity indicators are available with welded or flare connections in a monitoring only version, series 38, or monitoring + humidity detection, series 37 and 39.